Forust sponsors unfortunate puppies.

Dog in grief 

Many animals today suffer because of human actions.

It is so painful to see our beloved animals dying unnatural deaths due to humans.

How long will they have to suffer...

Drifting on the streets or trapped in a small cage

I can't even speak for myself

There are too many sad dogs.


Lonely dog

Look at the dogs abandoned by humans

Loss of playfulness and lack of social skills

I don't want to play.

Withdraw from all groups and be lonely.

They may sleep more often and engage in destructive behavior.

What should we do with lonely dogs?

The surest cure for loneliness is togetherness.

Forrust dreams of a life where we help each other and live together with our dogs.

Hungry dog 

Every year too many dogs die from eating food or items in the trash.

Starving dogs eat very toxic things like rotten food, rat poison, and metal.

Abandoned dogs have no choice but to attack trash cans.

Even if there is no harm, people's perception of dirty dogs is very negative.

When we see a hungry dog, before we avoid it or feel sorry for it,

Above all, we must remember that raising a dog requires time, patience, and dedication.


Sick dog

These unfortunate dogs are precious lives, but

Unfortunately, signs of the disease were not promptly treated. I'm living in pain.

There are too many dogs that do not receive optimal care from responsible owners.

We believe that efforts to ensure the health and well-being of pets should be a top priority.

Sick dogs who do not receive diagnosis and treatment from veterinarians

Even now, I am silently trembling with fear.

Some people die without even being able to say goodbye. A pet that eats, defecates, and sleeps without pain

I hope there will be more.

n August 2021, 240 kg of Forest feed was donated to the Goesan Private Shelter, which protects abandoned pets.


We donated 12 packets of 20kg feed with the list of Happy Bean funding participants attached.


Children at Goesan Shelter

Donated 256kg of forest feed to Goesan Private Shelter, which protects abandoned pets.


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